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General Travel Therapy Job Tips

Make the Most of Your Next Therapy Job Opportunity

Get a VoIP phone or use a cell phone as your "home" phone

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses the Internet to make high-quality phone calls at little or no expense. Some providers even offer phones that plug into a computer's USB port. This equipment allows your home phone number to follow you wherever you go, like to your travel therapy job location. If you are not concerned with using up a lot of minutes, then a cell phone can also serve as your "home" phone.

Purchase a laptop

A laptop will help with email, Web surfing, music, telephone and video calls. It can even serve as a television set and movie player. However, a laptop is not an inexpensive investment. Be sure to purchase a system that is designed for travel and abuse. It is important to secure the system with firewall, antivirus and antispyware. Also, purchase a good security cable, so that the laptop can be locked to a fixed surface.

If your place of residence during your travel therapy job does not have an available internet provider or connection, it would be beneficial to contact your local cellular provider for other internet options such as mobile broadband, which is currently available in most major metropolitan areas.

Pack light

Airport security is strict. It is always good to follow airline guidelines and to carry less. If you must move more items back and forth from your travel therapy jobs, consider shipping a package to yourself via UPS or FedEx.

Safety and Security

Traveling light also helps secure your belongings. Unfortunately, many suite hotels or short-term apartments are potential targets for burglary, since it is known that the residents are temporary and likely to keep their valuables close at hand. A lightweight, metal mesh enclosure is an excellent way to secure and protect your valuable items, such as electronics, computers and jewelry. These are available at most outdoor retail stores.

Consider a GPS system

If you don't know your way around the city where your travel therapy job is located, a travel-friendly GPS unit may be a very helpful item. Many GPS units do much more than provide driving directions. They also have optional travel packs that cover local attractions (food, shopping, entertainment, and more) - even MP3 players and picture viewers. GPS units are available at most electronic retail stores.


New coworkers, old classmates, family, even affiliated religious institutions all provide a place to get that emotional connection so your temporary home doesn't feel so, well, temporary. Go ahead and reach out while your on your travel therapy job assignment - it'll make the rest of your stay that much more enjoyable.