Become a Travel Therapist

Exciting Therapy Travel Jobs are Waiting

Do you love to travel? Do you want to see new cities, stay in exciting locations and earn extra money? Therapy travel jobs offer a variety of positions all over the U.S. and compensate very well.

The following personality attributes make for an exceptional travel therapist:

An ability to adapt quickly and embrace change

As you know, each facility, from hospital to nursing home to outpatient clinic, has its own unique work culture. Each therapy travel job has a different culture based on their location as well. A traveling therapist will be placed in many different environments during his or her travel time and must be able to quickly adapt.

Desire to work away from home

Most travel therapists work a 13 week assignment although some therapy travel jobs may last longer. Make sure you are open to being away for extended periods of time. We have offered some tips for you on the General Travel Therapy Job Tips page on how to effectively manage your life as a travel therapist. If the excitement of exploring new places is greater than your desire for roots, then the life of a travel therapist is for you.

Outgoing, enthusiastic personality

You will constantly be meeting new people and making new friends, so the ability to be open and friendly will serve you well in your therapy travel job. You will be entering a new job more frequently. An outgoing personality will make that transition easier and more enjoyable.

Love of travel and exploration of each new city

A traveling therapist gets to see the country and has the time to explore each new location. Because you will be spending a couple of months at each assignment, your stay becomes much more than a tourist trip. Take advantage of the opportunity you have - discover the charms and rewards that most visitors miss.

What to look for when choosing a travel location

Do Your Research. Prepare for each adventure.

Research cost of local living

How far is housing from your therapy travel job? How far is shopping, food and entertainment from work and your place of residence? How safe is the neighborhood and area around work? Is there public transportation? Will you need to rent a car?

Consider salary and work hour requirements

You don't want to be walking alone late at night or in poor weather. It is only fair to be compensated for extra expenses, such as transportation costs.

Does the location have entertainment outside of work

You will not always be working, so make sure each new location has enough for you to explore outside of work hours. Since you will not be going to your regular home after work, you'll have more time on your hands than you're used to filling.

Make sure weekend travel is affordable and easy

You may want to go home for a weekend visit or an emergency. Make sure there is an easy and quick way to travel; it will make for a less stressful situation.

Learn the Internet

The Web is a tremendous resource for places to live, things to do, great food and interesting entertainment. Learn how to use this resource to learn what's hot (and what's not) with any new city. Also, most cities have a Web site for the Convention and Visitor's Bureau. This may be helpful when your therapy travel jobs are in different cities.