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A therapist resume is often the first impression an employer has of you. To prepare a successful resume, you must learn how to summarize your education, skills, accomplishments and therapy career in one or two pages. Many resources are available to assist in writing a first-rate therapy resume. The following tips are essential when writing your resume. After all, the purpose of a therapy resume is to land an interview.

Be specific and goal-oriented

Whether you are searching for a physical therapy career, occupational therapy career or speech therapy career, you want to find a great, rewarding job. Therefore, it is important that you briefly outline your goals. Make sure your objective is catered specifically to the company's needs, as well as your own, in both your therapist resume and cover letter. For example, a goal-oriented objective would be, "To secure a challenging physical therapy career that will enhance both professional and personal growth, which will provide potential for advancement to a director position."

Outline your experience in a concise manner

Computerized screeners have become popular among many organizations these days. The software is designed to scan resumes for specific key words and reject therapy resumes that do not have those words. For that reason, it is essential that you include key words related found in the description of the job in which you are applying.

Describe your responsibilities at each previous position

Differentiate yourself by describing your significant contributions to your physical therapy career, occupational therapy career or speech therapy career. It is crucial that you explain how you impacted the bottom line. For example you may want to say, "Developed appropriate treatment goals and activities related to the specific needs of clients to contribute to the overall productivity of the team."

Be accurate and truthful

Most prospective employers will conduct a background check upon hiring a new employee. Therefore, it is very easy to uncover dishonesty or exaggeration. Be honest when listing your previous jobs and responsibilities so you do not spoil your chances of getting the therapy career you want.

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