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How to Post Jobs Online

How to write an effective online job posting

Before you get started, spend a few minutes scanning job postings online. Despite the variety of locations and specialties, it can be hard to distinguish one job description from the next. So how can you make sure that your job stands out? In order to capture the attention of qualified candidates and motivate them to click "apply," you must highlight what makes your job unique with stimulating words and images.


An effective job post starts with an eye-catching headline. What makes your opportunity unique? Is the salary better than most? Is there a signing bonus? What makes your location attractive? Perhaps the facility itself has a unique focus like integrative medicine or sports medicine; or maybe you are seeking a bi-lingual candidate. Whatever makes your job unique – announce it in the headline!

Whenever possible, be creative with your headline, but it's even more important to be upfront with the facts. Include the specialty and the location in the job post headline in order to quickly identify the job for both the candidates and the search engines. The specialty and location are considered "keywords" that a candidate is likely to use when searching for a job online. The keywords are highlighted in the good examples below.

Good headlines:

Anesthesiologist Job in Georgia – State-of-the-art facility – Signing bonus!
Physical Therapist Job in California – Explore San Fran as a Travel PT
Recovery Room Nursing Job in Texas – Flexible hours at top Dallas hospital
Medical Device Sales Job in New York – Salary + commission + great benefits

Bad headlines:

Great physician job!!!!!!!!! Don't miss out on this one!!!!!
Outstanding opportunity for lucky therapist – Make big $$$$
West coast facility needs nurses now!!!!!
Independent Rep – Multiple Locations

Bullet Points

The rise of the web has changed the way we consume content. With so much available to read and watch online, our eyes are conditioned to scan blocks of text – relying on headlines and bullet points to quickly convey the message.

So what does that mean for your job post?

  • Whatever information will make the candidate take action, place it in a headline or bullet point. (Otherwise they probably won't see it!)
  • Use bullet points to deliver the information that is most important to candidates:
  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Location
  • Type of facility
  • Much like your headline, bullet points should capture the attention of candidates with details that make the job unique.


Many job boards will allow you to add an image to your posting. Always take advantage of this opportunity to make your job stand out. Ideally, choose an image with a direct tie to your specific job. If the position requires working with children, use a photo of a child. If the position is located on the coast, use a photo of a beach. Adding an image is a simple way to capture the attention of candidates and make your job posting memorable.

Job Details

A well-written job description should accurately convey the needs of your organization. List the key responsibilities of the position, highlighting specific tasks and call times. While you don't want to overwhelm the job seeker with too much information, by providing adequate job details, you can eliminate unqualified applicants and ultimately save both parties time.

Details to include:

  • Location, location, location – Tell candidates something interesting about the city where they will be working.
  • Facility – Ideally, the headline or bullet points will note the type of facility, but if not, be sure to include this information in the opening of the job description.
  • Credentials - List all required credentials including state licenses and board certifications. If an agency will assist in the credentialing process, include that information here.
  • Salary/Benefits – While you may want to use the most impressive perks in the headline or bullet points, but the job description should include a brief overview of the benefit package on offer. Specify if the candidate will receive assistance with loan repayment or relocation costs.
  • Time Commitment – How many days/hours per week does the job demand? Night shifts? Day shifts? Call? Is this a travel or locums job? How long is the contract? Could it potentially be a permanent position? Including these details will ensure that only interested candidates apply.
  • Contact Information – Be sure to provide details for how the candidate can apply for the position. Most job boards have an apply online feature that allows candidates to send you their information with a couple of clicks, but you may want to provide additional instructions.
More about Keywords and Search Engine Optimization

No doubt you've heard of search engine optimization – a technique to make a website rank higher on the results page of a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Part of that process involves using keywords. Having the right keywords and phrases on a webpage will cause it to rank highly on the Google results page. Likewise, using the right keywords in your job post will increase your chances of landing at the top of the results page when a job seeker performs a keyword search on a job board.

In order to rank highly on the results page, you will need to have the right keywords included in both the headline and the description. Some job boards, including,,, and will automatically optimize the headline for a keyword search using the specialty and state you have entered. Additionally, you will want to use secondary keywords or keyword variations in the opening sentences of the description, as in the examples below.

Headline: Nurse Practitioner Job in Illinois – Small Town Values, Big City Salary!

Description: NP job and other advanced practice nursing jobs available in suburban Illinois hospital.

Headline: Physical Therapy Job in Washington

Description: Physical Therapist (PT) needed at skilled nursing facility in Seattle

Using variations of the same terms ensures a job seeker will see your posting no matter what words or phrases they use to search the site.

The Power of the Post

By following these simple steps, your job post will not only attract more candidates – but more qualified candidates. We hope you will use these tips going forward and see for yourself the difference a well-crafted job posting can make!


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