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Speech Therapy-CCC job in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Speech Therapy-CCC Job in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Speech Language Pathologist

Discipline: Speech Therapy-CCC
Job Type: Permanent
Job Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina
Salary/Pay rate: Depends on Experience

Job Description

1. Conduct comprehensive speech-language evaluation including a written assessment, development of student individual IEP's, planning and delivereing a proram of individual and/or group speech, language, communication services in accordance with the IEP.

2. Recommends co-treatment with other related servides as necessary, classroom intervention and training, parent training, student progress, monitoring and reporting, material updating and completes weekly medicaid reporting.

(Login for information) yearly paper work on each student including, re-assessment, IEP quarterly progress summaries and quarterly therapy attendance report(therapy numbers) to immediate supervisor.

4. Attends IEP meetings as necessary, division and department meetings as scheduled and yearly compus wide mandatory training meetings.

5. Performs other related duties as assigned or required by the supervisor.

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    City: Spartanburg
    Company: (login to see this information)
    Setting: School
    Job Type: Permanent
    Discipline: Speech Therapy-CCC
    State: South Carolina