Five Questions to Ask a Therapy Staffing Agency

Whether you are seeking a permanent position or a contract or travel assignment, working with a respected therapy staffing company can make the job search process considerably easier and costs you, the job seeker, nothing. Sound too good to be true? Well, in most cases, it isn’t, but it is important to do your research and ask the following questions of each agency you are considering:


1. How will you determine which jobs will be a good fit for me?

In order to act as your “job search agent,” your recruiter should get to know you by asking questions about why you are seeking a career move, what geographical preferences or limitations you have, any family concerns that could affect your placement, and of course, how soon you can interview and start a new position. Talk to your recruiter about your personal and professional goals, as well as your compensation expectations. Once your recruiter understands your needs and expectations, they will be better able to represent you in a professional manner as they aid your search for a permanent or travel placement.


2. Who will you share my resume with?

Your recruiter should only present you with opportunities that match your preferences. Once you have expressed an interest in a specific position, the recruiter will submit your resume and pursue it on your behalf. The recruiter will also gauge an employer’s level of interest in you as a candidate before scheduling phone or on-site interviews that require a time commitment from you.


3. How will you protect my privacy?

 A professional recruiter will not inundate the market with your resume. On the contrary, a recruiter should obtain your expressed permission before submitting your resume to an employer and use the utmost discretion when acquiring reference information, verifying job history, and contacting you throughout the process.  


4. How will you make my job search easier?   

Researching employers, submitting your resume, making phone calls to hiring managers, scheduling interviews, arranging travel – searching for a job is time consuming, especially if you’re currently working or if the position you are seeking is in another part of the country. A full-service therapy staffing firm will manage all the details of your job search.


5. What benefits do you offer?

If you are working travel or contract jobs through an agency, you will need to know what benefits they offer. Ask for the specifics regarding travel and housing allowance, medical insurance, licensure reimbursement, and the availability of a 401k. If you are seeking a permanent position, make sure your recruiter knows what benefits are most important to you so that he or she can negotiate on your behalf.


A good recruiter won’t disappear after the contract is signed; they should be on hand to follow up with both you and your employer. Do your research and choose a recruiter with a reputation for integrity. Ask the right questions and make sure they can answer the above questions to  your satisfaction. With an experienced therapy staffing firm working on your behalf, you can easily take your career to the next level.