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Physical Therapy job in Austin, Texas

Physical Therapy Job in Austin, Texas

Physical Therapist- Neuro & Ortho-Lakeway TX

Discipline: Physical Therapy
Job Type: Permanent
Job Location: Austin, Texas
Salary/Pay rate: $35-$45/ hour

Job Description

Job Description
*Must have 1+ Years Neuro and Ortho background or experience for this position*

Job Description

Tired of seeing 14-20+ patients per day?
Feeling exhausted and burned out and wondering if you went into the right profession?
Sick of playing the insurance games and doing the paperwork needed to get paid?
Are you looking for true MENTORSHIP? Do you get excited when you learn and grow and want to become one of the best physical therapist?
Are you looking for one on one training weekly by a top physical therapist in the profession?
****We have the position you have been looking for!!****
About our company:

We are a growing orthopedic and neurologic outpatient physical therapy clinic in Austin/ Lakeway area that focuses on helping our clients to stay active and mobile without having procedures such as surgery, taking medications, or having injections. We educate clients to equip them to understand what is going on with them and what they are doing throughout the day that is creating their problem.

We are out of network with most insurance companies (we are MC providers) which means we are in control to provide the service that our clients deserve. This creates a great lifestyle most Physical Therapist’s dream of, such as:

Complete Focus on one patient at a time, as we see each patient for 30-60 minutes.
Being able to see 8-10 patients a day. Go home feeling energized, not exhausted.
Mentorship by the top physical therapists in the area with over 20 years of experience weekly. (no one offers this- It is a like a paid internship).
You get to use your talents and passion to make a difference in people’s lives every day.
Looking for a community and family to work for, not a corporation.
Who should apply for this job?

Physical therapist with 1+ years of experience in neurologic and/or orthopedic settings who wants a good portion of their day with neuro/balance/gait clients and complex orthopedic (comorbid, cardiac, pulm, neuro, integ, ect)
Experience with complex spine and orthopedic diagnosis and interventions.
You are looking to have a work- life balance. Not going home exhausted every day.
You do not like working for corporate mill clinics, you are looking for more of a family feel.
You want to get on the ground floor of working for a cash practice/ minimal insurance, so you can spend time with the patients and not the paperwork and headaches of dealing with insurance companies.
Patients love working with you because you like to listen to their needs and adjust the programs based on your conversations. NO cookie cutter programs.
What We are looking for:

Must be DPT licensed to practice in the State of Texas for 1+ years.
Someone who can build trust with patient quickly and is motivated to improve the relationships with patients.
Someone who listens and wants to collaborate as a team and is always striving to be make themselves better.
Someone who is not camera shy (not a deal breaker) as we like to do videos and share content on social media.
Someone who likes to hold small workshops to share education with potential clients and our community.
Company Mission

We help clients make better decisions about their health care needs, and most of all bring a little joy to their lives during interaction

Core Values

Ultimately, your success as at Body Balance Physical Therapy will be from consistently adhering to the Core Values for which Body Balance was founded on. All hiring (and performance reviews) at Body Balance are made with these Core Values firmly in mind and we look forward to discussing them more with you at the interview – when we can also discuss other benefits and incentives of you choosing to join our team.

1. People First, Client Second

2. Create a Second Home Experience

3. Strive Towards The Greater Good

4. Continual, Sustained Improvement

5. Pursue Innovation

6. Go Above And Beyond

7. Invest In The Future

8. Do More With Less

9. Anticipate Unstated Needs

10. You Can’t Do It Alone

Mentorship Program

For the first three months of your employment, you will be participating in a Mentorship Program, necessary in order to help you achieve the level of success needed to meet your position’s demands. This mentorship program will start with greater frequency, weaning to a few hours/week as your success with the position grows. Hours for the program will be scattered throughout the week.

The program is entirely what you make of it. You will be required to come in each day with new questions regarding concepts, scenarios, logistics, and overall growth in order to enhance your success. For questions that are unfamiliar to your mentors, we will make sure to set up a group discussion in order to navigate the problem and come up with the best solution.

To achieve the level of success that we are looking for, you will be required to:

A. Be involved in the creation of internal and external marketing material (Login for information) blog posts, free tips reports, workshop events AND make yourself available for scheduled telephone appointments to talk to the people who request this marketing information you will be creating.

B. Be responsible for limiting “drop-offs” - Patients who book appointments and then drop off schedule are not good for either parties involved. Because of that, you will be required to be pro-active in making regular re-activation phone calls to the people who have dropped off the schedule.

C. Be flexible in the type of work during your hours - In the 21st Century, patients expect to be seen before, during, after work. We know that back pain doesn’t go away for our patients after 5pm. Because of that, and to be successful in this role, you will be required to make yourself available from 7 am until 7 pm Mon-Fri. Your 40 hours per week will be scheduled during these hours (start and end times between these hours are negotiable).

D. Contribute and attend a minimum of (Login for information) hours per week

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