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Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant job in Enid, Oklahoma

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Job in Enid, Oklahoma

Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Travel Job in Enid, OK

Discipline: Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Job Type: Travel
Job Location: Enid, Oklahoma
Salary/Pay rate: ---

Job Description

Get the stability, Benefits & perks of a "permanent" position, but with the freedom to travel to the locations of your choice (often on our dime). Work in one setting or gain experience in multiple settings, it's entirely up to you! Partner with (login to see company) on Travel Assignments from 13 Weeks or more and pick your location whether it's rural, metro or a popular tourist destination.

Benefits & Perks Starting Your First Day

    Personalized Travel & Salary Package: We won't squeeze you into a pre-set salary or benefits range. Our 24/7 all access recruiters enjoy personalizing your salary & benefits package to meet you or your family's needs
    Transparent Packages & Recruiting: We love our employees and value their strong work ethic. So, we always provide clearly outlined travel & benefits packages that won't leave you in the dark about where you're going or what you're getting.

Benefits & Perks

    Competitive Referral Bonuses
    24/7 Recruiter: Your main point of contact available by text, phone or email
    401k Matching Plan & Full Medical
    100% Paid Housing & Travel Reimbursement Available
    Travel & License Reimbursement

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