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Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant job in Gilroy, California

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Job in Gilroy, California

Mental Health Worker

Discipline: Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Job Type: Permanent
Job Location: Gilroy, California
Salary/Pay rate: DOE

Job Description

Under the direction of the Campus Services Manager; will follow established procedures; provide direct support to the therapeutic milieu and treatment of all program participants. Performance of typical responsibilities and duties requires the ability to perform the job duties, supervision of clients, and communication with others involving job-related matters generally of limited to moderate complexity.


• Monitors and directly supervises all clients on assigned shift. ((Login for information). includes individual and group counseling in accordance with the treatment plans).
• Assists with day-to-day operations of the program and care of clients ((Login for information). facility upkeep/maintenance, general housekeeping, showers, meals, chores, scheduled morning, afternoon, and evening routines, focus/educational groups, etc.).
• Writes detailed incident reports and ensures timely submittal as required by procedures.
• Continuous and active supervision of clients during shift hours and during all activities including rest periods.
• Complies with documentation requirements making observations of behaviors, psychical or activity changes/patterns. Also responsible for shift notes and pass down logs.
• Notifies the Campus Services Manager of all unusual incidents requiring an incident report. Campus Services Manager will advise of additional notification requirements.
• Responsible for written reports and documentation when required ((Login for information). point sheets, incident reports, log, medication records, staffing reports, injuries or out-of-the-ordinary occurrences, etc.).
• Supports the therapeutic milieu providing children an opportunity to learn and grow ((Login for information). role modeling, individual treatment plans, and participation in the group process), ensuring a safe, nurturing and caring environment.
• Provides crisis prevention, intervention, and support skills to clients in accordance with the treatment plans. Uses collaborative problem solving approach & DBT.
• Assists and supports the activities per the schedule. ((Login for information). facilitates and leads designated activities as scheduled, provides leadership & role modeling to clients).
• Serves as an integral link, in the capacity of team member and agency employee, through direct communications and professional growth trainings ((Login for information). team meetings, in-service trainings, agency meetings, informal and formal supervisions, etc.).
• Participates in weekly Clinical Rounds, Team Meetings, and Trainings.
• Attends and participates on designated teams, selected committees, or time-limited activities. These sessions will focus on best practices and ways to enhance the STRTP experience.
• Works closely with the LVN to promote a safe, supportive and healthy environment for the child/ren.
• Observes, documents and advises the LVN of concerns relating to the care of the individual.
• Ensures confidentiality in the work and privacy of clients and families.
• Every employee has the opportunity and responsibility to participate in one or more activities each year that support the performance and quality improvement (PQI) of RCS programs and services. Activities might involve membership on a PQI committee or work group, service as a peer reviewer, data collection for PQI and evaluation purposes, completion of PQI questionnaires and surveys or participation in focus groups, or other activities as identified by PQI committees or work groups.


Direct care staff shall meet one of the following qualifications:
Education, Training, and Experience
• A Bachelor of Arts or Sciences Degree.
• A minimum two (2) years of experience working in a mental health environment, preferred.
• A valid Child Development Teaching Permit.
• Completed 12 semester units of Early Childhood Education, Adolescent Development, or Foster and Kinship Care Education and have at least 100 hours of experience working with youth.
• A valid certificate as an Alcohol Counselor, Drug Counselor or Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and have at least 100 hours of experience working with youth.
• A valid vocational training certificate, credential, or documentation demonstrating that the individual is a trade journeyperson who instructs children in vocational skills and have at least 100 hours of experience working with youth as a mentor, athletic coach, teacher, vocational coach, tutor, counselor, or other relevant experience as determined by the department.
• California driver’s license and good DMV report (ability to be and remain insured by our insurance carrier for transportation of residents).

Knowledge and Skills:
• Knowledge and understanding of the needs of children served in a children’s residential setting.
• Skills and ability to engage and develop e rapport with children who have various backgrounds.
• Skills and ability to provide consistency and behavioral limits through relationship-based interventions.
• Skills to communicate effectively with the ability to solve problems in a collaborative manner.
• Direct care staff shall be at least 21 years of age.
• Ability to maintain a positive perspective in the treatment and care of emotionally-disturbed youth.
• Ability to follow directions and work as part of a team.
• Ability to produce well-written documentation.

Special Requirements:
• Must be able to meet and receive a criminal records clearance as required by Title XXII licensing regulations.

Physical and Mental Requirements:
The following are required in day-to-day performance of the duties of this position:
• Must be able to restrain clients based upon TCI training.
• Must be able to stay awake during any direct care shift; Day Shift, Evening and or NOC Shift.
• Walking, standing, grasping (simple), and visual/auditory acuity are constantly required (over 2/3 of the workday).
• Sitting, bending, squatting, kneeling, twisting, lifting, reaching and pushing/pulling with a minimu

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